Dr. Ulrich Schwickerath

1211 Geneva 23
Dr. Ulrich Schwickerath
Professional activities: Tel: +41 22 76 79576

e-mail: Ulrich dot Schwickerath at CERN dot CH

Private activities:

publications and presentations

Recent professional activities
Field of responsibility Description Roles
Research Virtualization and Cloud computing, IaaS batch virtualization technical contributions and project management
Scalability tests Stress testing various bits of the infrastructure (namely batch system)
Testing various VM provisioning systems (ONE, ISF)
Procurement HS06 and power measurements
Development gLite GRID middleware gLite information providers for LSF redesign
ELFms Tool kit for easy network database access
Various contributions to ELFms components and tools
Engineering CERN internal cloud CERN internal cloud design, integration into the existing infrastructure, and later production deployment
Service management GRID services and T0 services Computing Elements LCG and CREAM
Worker nodes
Batch farm management with LSF
infrastructure Squid server(s), dedicated NFS servers, SCAS, glExec
PES/PS services Service manager rota
other Clusters with interactive user access (PLUS, Build, Gate, VOBOX)
Security CERN security team Rota
Other ATLAS-IT montly coordination meeting Chair person
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